Friday, April 25, 2008

Mozzarella sticks to technicolor frogs

So I know it says "From mozzarella sticks to technicolor frogs" on my page, which is pretty much my crazy way of describing this blog site as "Dreams"

See one of the favored kooky dreams I've had in recent years is the mozzarella stick dream. Picture if you will...
Black background, nothing back there. A silver metal ladder that seems to go on forever. Me a giant walking mozzarella stick. Started climbing, got to the top, looked over the edge backed up and took a running leap into a large vat of marinara sauce.

Yes, laugh. I know you want to. Everyone else, including me, does. No I had not had any mozzarella sticks that night or other related food substances. Just one of those crazy dreams.

The technicolor frogs were also a dream. I was being chased by them and they were HUGE. They chased me into a camper with bunk beds. I jumped on a top bunk so they couldn't reach me, but this one tenacious frog kept trying and eventually landed on the bunk across from me. Staring at me with beady eyes it lunged for me as I leaned back, opened the window and it missed me, flew out the window and landed in a SPLAT!

Nice huh. Yeh I like dreams.


Steph said...

reading this blog makes me miss you so so so so much. keep posting on here, because i like hearing about your life. oh, and i kind of wish i could have heard this dream story from you because i love hearing you tell stories!!! the jorden journey had a real impact on me. very cool. i love you!