Friday, April 18, 2008

Living Like a Hupernikao

Hupernikao (Greek): more than conquerors, to overwhelmingly conquer, to gain a surpassing victory

"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us" Romans 8:37

In all what things?

So I don't know about you but I don't live like this on a normal day-to-day basis. Some days, like this morning, I could barely make it out of bed. A morning behind the desk followed by an afternoon of cleaning and moving just wasn't working for great inspiration to get up in my opinion.

So how did Paul manage it? How have countless others throughout history managed to live a life of overwhelmingly conquering such great obstacles? I read stories of people who lay it all on the line for Christ and sometimes I think "That's so stinkin' awesome, but please God don't call me to that" with a soundtrack of DC Talk playing in my head, "What if I stumble, what if I fall..."

Then I read it again and find, it's done through Christ who loved us. I can't just pull up my boot straps and do it in my own strength, which is something I love to try and do to prove something to someone.

Living a like a hupernikao is based on having a firm grasp on who Christ is and who I am in Him. If you, if I, gain an understanding for the love of God then there is nothing seen or unseen that will ever be able to separate us. It's almost cliché to us. "Jesus loves you" How many times have we heard it?

There's so much truth in that simple statement that we don't even grasp. A love so strong that God sent His Son, who humbly came to earth to be born as a helpless infant, to grow up and suffer and die and then be raised to life again all just so we, the ones who are but dust with some breath in us and who are constantly turning our back on God, so we could have a relationship with Him. No I don't understand that kind of love. I don't understand the Love that was reaching out for me when I was cursing Him. I don't understand Love that says "Come and suffer with Me to truly be able to fellowship with Me." Oh that I could grasp just a bit of the width, depth, height and length of Christ.